Harry ‘in peace talks’ with Charles as friend says Camilla ‘hurt’ by memoir Spare

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Prince Harry to attend King Charles’ coronation while Meghan will stay in California

Prince Harry held “peace talks” with his father, King Charles III, before his presence at next month’s coronation was confirmed.

It was announced on Wednesday (12 April), that the Duke of Sussex will be attending the coronation while his wife Meghan Markle, will be remaining in California with their children.

It comes as a friend of Queen Camilla has said that the royal was left “hurt” over being labelled “the villain” by Prince Harry in his memoir.

In Spare, which was released in January, Prince Harry claimed that his stepmother leaked stories about the royal family to the media to bolster her image.

The lineup for the forthcoming coronation concert was unveiled this week, with British pop band Take That and US star Katy Perry to headine on 6 May.

Former Sex Pistol John Lydon has lashed out at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, accusing them of being “very spiteful to family and friends”. His rant follows a report that King Charles III is seeking to “mend” divisions in the royal family ahead of the most important moment of his lifetime.


Charles’s Diana ‘agony’ to heated exchanges with William: 6 talking points in new biography about the King

A new biography about King Charles III, authored by royal biographer Robert Jobson, has been released.

The book, titled Our King Charles III: The Man and the Monarch Revealed, charts the new monarch’s trajectory from his birth to his ascension to the throne, which took place after the death of Queen Elizabeth II last year.

It also contains new claims about members of the royal family and about Charles’s personal feelings on how certain events in his life have unfolded.

Read the full story below:

Ellie Muir17 April 2023 17:00


King Charles III makes TIME 100 Most Influential People list

King Charles III has been named as one of TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2023.

The new monarch appeared on the list under the Icons category, alongside author Salman Rushdie, Chinese dissident Peng Lifa, actor Jennifer Coolidge, trans journalist Imara Jones, and others.

Ellie Muir17 April 2023 16:30


Camilla is the ‘Yin to King Charles’s Yang’, says insider

Queen Camilla is the “yin” to King Charles’s “yang”, a new report has claimed.

“[Camilla] is the yin to his yang,” the insider told People. “She is the type to say, ‘It’ll all be fine, let’s crack on and get on with things.’”

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Ellie Muir17 April 2023 16:00


Deepak Chopra says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ‘struggling’ amid royal family rift

Author Deepak Chopra has said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are “struggling right now” amidst their rift with the British royal family.

While speaking at a red carpet event in London, Chopra said about his work with the royal couple: “I enjoyed the podcast and interacted with them. It has been periodic – they’re struggling right now.”

Ellie Muir17 April 2023 15:30


King Charles to ‘mend’ family divisions as Prince Andrew brought in ‘from the cold’, report claims

King Charles III is using the coronation to heal family divisions, including reconciling with Prince Andrew, sources claim.

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Ellie Muir17 April 2023 15:00


Anointing of King Charles III at coronation will not be shown on TV

Palace sources have confirmed to multiple outlets that the King will follow in his mother’s footsteps by barring cameras from filming the moment he will be anointed with holy oil by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Ellie Muir17 April 2023 14:30


Prince George to carry a sword at King Charles’s coronation ‘to protect grandfather’

Prince George will carry a ceremonial sword at King Charles III’s coronation in May as a traditional representation of him acting as a protector of his grandfather.

The nine-year-old is second-in-line to the throne and will hold a small ceremonial sword in his role as the Page of Honour.

His parents, Prince William and Kate, the Princess of Wales are said to be “very excited and delighted” about his role as Page of Honour.

Ellie Muir17 April 2023 14:00


King Charles III coronation: What happens in sacred anointing ceremony?

The King will not forego the most sacred part of the ceremony: the anointing of the sovereign. This tradition is so sacred that it was hidden from public view during Queen Elizabeth’s own anointing – and it has been revealed that Charles will do the same.

The mysterious anointing ceremony, known as the Act of Consecration, will take place before the investiture and crowning, and is carried out by the Archbishop. At Charles’s coronation, the Archbishop of Canterbury will be the one to anoint the King.

Ellie Muir17 April 2023 13:30


Inside Camilla’s journey to the royal inner circle: ‘The union had to be accepted’

A former member of King Charles’s court has recalled the challenges in coordinating his wedding to Camilla.

The couple, who are set to be officially crowned as King and Queen next month, have known each other since the Seventies.

In a new interview, a former courtier of the King has looked back on the task that Sir Michael Peat, Charles’s principal private secretary at the time, had in order to achieve a successful wedding for the pair.

Ellie Muir17 April 2023 13:00


Prince Harry ‘held peace talks’ with King Charles ahead of coronation announcement

Prince Harry held “peace talks” with his father, King Charles III, before his presence at next month’s coronation was confirmed.

King Charles and Queen Camilla are set to be officially crowned on 6 May.

The Duke of Sussex has had a turbulent relationship with his father in recent years after moving to California with his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Ellie Muir17 April 2023 12:30

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